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Copyright Statement: All TRC video and lesson plan submissions are intended to be viewed on the Internet. This means that submitted materials no longer fall within the US Copyright Fair Use Policy. We require that you obtain permission to use any and all licensed or copyrighted media for your lesson plan(s) and/or video(s). We encourage you to use royalty-free music, legally obtained from a royalty free music Web site or CD collection. We also encourage you to create your own music using programs such as Apple's GarageBand, Audacity, Movie Maestro, or another music composing software programs or websites. Jamendo is one of the only sites that we know of that offers a Creative Commons license meaning, if you find a song on this site that you want to use, click on the Creative Commons CC gray and white box to determine what sort of permissions the user has given. You will need to be sure that it allows you to share the work and if you alter the music in anyway from the downloaded copy then you will need to have permission to alter it as well. Your best bet is to make your own music!

This Fair Use table comes from Intel and should be used as a Guide NOT a rule!!

Wiki Packed Full of Copyright "Friendly" Sites (double check your choices here!):

Great sites for teaching about the related topic of plagiarism and copyright:

Library of Congress: Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright:

Teaching Copyright Curriculum:

List of other copyright resources and tools:

Videos for Learning About Copyright Infringement:

Youtube Copyright School Video:

Fair(y) Use Tale from Stanford Law School--engaging for kids and adults:

Please add your resources and links as "comments" below!

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